A weekly electronics podcast where EEs, Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering and hardware with guests.



This week we have Collin Anderson on the podcast to discuss quantum wave mechanics and how it relates to electricity flowing through conductors.


Mike Kahn of Elemental Machines joins the podcast to discuss the integration of life sciences instrumentation and designing enterprise products.


Stephen and Parker continue the discussion of the voltage measurement. Can you come up with a way to measure voltage without precision tools?


Is there a way to macgyver measuring a voltage without a multimeter? Is macgyvering even a word? Parker and Stephen discuss this for well too long.


Panelization of PCB Assemblies. Your Contract Manufacturer takes care of this but there are design choices that can radically alter your end costs.


Should we change the naming convention of component "pin one" markings to component "indicator marks"? Parker and Stephen discuss this week.