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The MacroFab sales team can provide custom quotes for higher volume orders. These quotes provide an overview of pricing for materials, labor, and non-recurring engineering charges, allowing you to quickly review and compare prices at multiple quantities. To get to your interactive quotes, click Purchasing and then Documents. This is where all your Quotes and MSAs (Manufacturing Service Agreements) will reside.

Selecting a Quantity

If more than one quantity for your PCB has been quoted, the top of the quote contains a list of all of the available quantities.

Clicking on one of the quantities will immediately change all of the prices to reflect material, labor, and NRE charges at that quantity.

Quote Summary

The quote summary provides a breakdown of your recurring and non-recurring expenses.

The recurring expenses are incurred each time this quote is executed, while the non-recurring expenses -- stencils, programming, tools, etc. -- are only incurred for the first order.

Bill of Materials

The bill of materials tab shows part numbers, costs, lead times, and market stock for the components in your electrical and mechanical BOM.

Hovering over the slices in the pie charts at the top of the view will show the four most expensive parts in your BOM, parts with the longest lead times, and where your parts are being sourced (turnkey, inventory, or consignment).

Design Files

The design files tab displays the PCB colors, specifications, and fabrication and assembly diagrams.

The fabrication diagram shows a true-color rendering of the PCB, while the assembly diagram shows a grayscale representation of the PCB with the components drawn on top.

Need Help?

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